The Astrology sign Virgo is the sixth sign within the Astrology constellation. They are one of you can say the most intriguing human beings to walk the face of this earth. Perfection is of utmost importance and orderly ways in their daily activity. Everything must be put together and in order for them to function within limits of interaction. Not that it is a bad thing all the time, but at times it can be a little much with the zodiac signs from the constellation.

At many times referred to as “the virgin”. The story behind the virgin is that back when the gods and goddess were among us they were at one with themselves. Meaning they did not need male/female companionship in any way. Their duties were put before everything in life. Basically, they had themselves together and they were perfectly fine managing on their own within their devotion their work.

virgo the virgin

Rules by Mercury. Mercury is one planet that doesn’t sit still for too long. The Zodiac sign Virgo, are on the go with plenty of energy both mentally and physically. Mentally they are analytical to determine the most detailed situation. Physically they are going ninety miles an hour with getting the job done right. Working out is a must for the Virgo. It stimulates their mind and keeps their body going as they need. Earth being their element. The Earth element is based on solid within all around us. “Solid” meaning: solid materials around us. Such as buildings, cars, etc. They are dependable assets to the world with a sense of duty that they bestow in the world. Having their dependability and hard working status is a must for most Virgos.

Mutable quality aspect. Which distinguishes their ability to be fair and balanced as needed for any situation. Given the situation they are able to accommodate and adjust easily.

Good qualities contribute to the all around person they are. Zodiac sign Virgo are analytical individuals that possess a sense of worthiness within everything they do. They have a tendency to be a little bit of a perfectionist. This is why their detailed oriented aspects are seen from any angle. They are the sign that can get the job done right, and with only one try.

Bad qualities can be within the same ranges as the good qualities. Their quality of work can sometimes be a little over the top. They tend to drag things out with their analytical side and perfectionist side of themselves. So, at times this can be a good thing, but they can over do it so to speak at times as well.


Virgo the Virgin’s love life can be quite a romantic scene from a movie. They are an old style love that is pure to the heart when it comes to the one they love. They love the old school romanticism in a relationship. Treasuring the one true love of their life and showing that they mean the world to them in every aspect. You can say they are a hopeless romantic when it comes to love.

Virgo the Virgin is an all around good person within the zodiac sign. Zodiac signs can be a way to find self discovery about your life and how people operate. Everyone has their quirks when it comes to how they operate in life. The best about Virgo the Virgin is they are devoted to their work, they are reliable, and even though they are super analytical, it does have its perks in everyday life.